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PAT Testing

A PAT test is essential for any business and is required by law to meet health and safety standards. The test involves a technical and visual test of the equipment to determine whether or not it is safe to use, and dependent on its findings will give the appliance a pass or fail status.

A Portable Appliance Test is generally required every year, but it depends on the appliance, the nature of is usage and the environment it is used in. For further information please don't hesitate to contact our Leicester office using the enquiries form on the right.

Fixed Inspection and Testing

Fixed Wire Inspection and Testing is the inspection and testing of internal wiring (and connected devices such as light switches) and electrical installations within a building. It is a requirement by law, as stated in the 'Electricity of Work Regulations 1989' act, and a failure to have these tests can invalidate your insurance cover. Tests are usually required at 5 year intervals.

Our professional testing service, covering the whole of Leicestershire, uses the latest equipment to ensure you meet all the necessary standards, and being experienced electrical contractors all our staff are qualified in undertaking such testing. Once we have tested your electrical equipment we will label and log it clearly. If your equipment meets the required standard we will provide the necessary certificates for you.

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